Will Machine Learning Change How You Hire Going Forward?

It’s hard to believe that only a short time ago, we were talking all about AI applications such as DALL-E, an imaging platform from OpenAI that creates entirely new images based on your direction. People couldn’t get enough of its potential, even if the results were all over the map. In this kind of image-based category alone, we’ve since seen the arrival of Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, similar AI programs that fashion new images from the user’s description (which have come in handy for some of the very Tidbits you’re reading).

Of course, that was before the groundbreaking event we’ve come to recognize as the birth of ChatGPT. And by now, you’ve probably seen an avalanche of advice on how to best use that.

At first, we could log in to ChatGPT without any issues. That changed almost overnight as millions upon millions of people tried to sign up for it at once. While it may not be anywhere near the 200 million people that Google has to service at any given time, having as many as 20 million people banging on the door of ChatGPT in its first few weeks was nonetheless very impressive, especially when you consider that the types of questions handled by ChatGPT have been more complex than what you might enter in a standard Google search.

Speaking of Google, they are now releasing their own “ChatGPT Killer” called BARD that claims greater accuracy and sourcing to a limited number of users. Expect to hear more from Apple, Amazon and other big players on this front. Yes, this new frontier is about to get very crowded.

Amid these extraordinary developments, we had to wonder: Could one of those critical uses of ChatGPT fall into the area of recruitment? Is there a place for it in the hiring process? Does it change how a candidate or hiring authority approaches things?

Being in a technical-oriented space at Roy Talman & Associates, we’ve begun to experiment with utilizing ChatGPT in some common applications for recruitment.

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The verdict?

With proper and clear direction from our team (which is critical to success), the results received from ChatGPT thus far have been accurate and usable. So call us cautiously optimistic about what we’re seeing and experiencing early on.

Now, is ChatGPT good for other recruitment-oriented applications, such as identifying a significant candidate pool? Not in our business at Roy Talman, as our clients call for extreme selectivity in hiring candidates. Considering our firm often seeks a diamond in the rough, the results can be more limited. However, we do expect that to change for the better over time.

On the other hand, machine learning may be the best thing that’s happened in a long time for recruiters not representing clients who require highly specialized roles and casting a much wider net. From what we can see, the more routine the job is, the easier it is to find a candidate pool in a search. Now imagine this process further augmented by the advancements in machine learning to be faster and more efficient.

Above all, with so many AI tools and platforms, its usefulness is only as good as the data you feed it. Therefore, as long as enough data is supplied to the tool regarding the top candidates we require and our clients demand, there is vast potential in ChatGPT and programs like it. Suppose the data to identify the best of the best candidates is thin, offering only “crumbs” of information on candidates to work with, especially for highly sophisticated roles. In that case, the platform will be limited in value. Even so, we’re excited by the encouraging signs that the evolution of tools such as ChatGPT is taking us in a highly advanced direction – and more of the recruitment industry with it.

The cutting-edge tools and technology can only go so far compared to the cutting edge of talent to utilize it.

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