What Comes Next: Country-Centric AI, Company-Centric AI and Copilots

For all of the different AI models that are arriving, from Amazon to Bard to OpenAI, there is a new degree of it – the version that will be learning your preferences and direction even better.

The current foundational models appear to suggest results that are close to what you’d want, but we’re so impressed by that alone that it can come up with something so fast, there still needs to be one layer that learns about certain styles.

With many different open-source projects that people are working on, a logical question persists: How are you going to make any money at it?

That lies in the next layer of AI: Countries that feature their own cities, regions and culture built into a foundational model (i.e., Indian AI models having India-centric images, discussions about Hindu culture, etc.) or organizations that want their own AI.

The idea here is that the foundational models we are seeing right now are table stakes. They will be extremely affordable and, more or less, given away. The actual costs to users will come from everything else built around those models in a very customized way. 

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As a result, we can often provide guidance on what to expect from the culture you’re about to join, which hopefully makes your integration into that environment all the more seamless.

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One of the options for building on top of an AI is a possibility that Peter Diamandis and Reid Hoffman love talking about: Copilots.

Reid Hoffman says that, within five years, there will be very few endeavors that humans will be allowed to do without a copilot.

For example, if you are a doctor, an accountant, an attorney or virtually any kind of role, you will check your vital work with your copilot. You’re going to want its opinion and these copilots will be exclusively yours. You will not be training it for anyone else.

This prediction becomes all the more fascinating when you consider how nobody can accurately predict how fast that will happen since the pace of change is already accelerating.

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