Fresh Tech Talent Ready to Catch the Machine Learning Wave

In many Talman Tidbits, we speak of systems and trends as they pertain to machine learning and AI. Still, any momentum these areas might have requires an influx of people to embrace machine learning to the fullest.

Fortunately, the signs there are increasingly positive too.

In the last year alone, we see significantly more top talent with skill sets based in machine learning. That, in turn, should bring more companies to the table for developing machine learning applications.

It’s certainly a far cry from where we’ve been.

Two or three years ago, most people with a career in machine learning were working for either Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft or IBM. These huge companies, at their core, were trying to figure out how to approach large-scale problems and then how to develop tools so they could follow through with that mission.

Fast forward to the present day: Besides the five giants mentioned above, we’re beginning to see an appreciation of more “regular” companies saying, “We think we can take on this machine learning project.”

Now, when they take on the project, in the beginning, they may find out the endeavor is much more expensive than expected, although there are some more accessible areas of “low-hanging fruit” they can address as part of the project.

The point is this: What companies consider to be that low-hanging fruit is being continually redefined as to what makes sense for their set of capabilities.

Years ago, this might have been unthinkable for a company smaller than Google or Amazon to take on. Today, smaller players see more of a door opening to their involvement in machine learning projects based on where their people are on the learning curve and the higher level of their in-house resources.


Talman Advantage #5: A Real Partner With A Plan

When a recruiter talks to you on the phone for 20 minutes just once, there’s only so much they know about you beyond the resume. On the other hand, Roy Talman & Associates will work with you to gain a robust understanding of your skill set, goals, work style preferences and more. Then, rather than “blasting” your resume out to the hiring universe with random results, we’ll make a plan with you on what order we will present you to various firms that we feel are a best fit.

Your career deserves more than a quick chat. Partner with a recruiter who can help you feel more in control of the process – as you should be. Talk to Talman first.


In the financial sector, we’re seeing several companies realizing that they need to bite the bullet on entering the machine learning space via multi-year projects. But make no mistake: These are still expensive propositions. It’s not as if the leadership of these companies can essentially say, “OK, we’re going to start working on a machine learning project and one week from today, we’re going to start making significant money.”

So how do you know if it’s the right time to upgrade your team’s knowledge base?

Well, if you see that many people are working on machine learning projects to some degree and making money from that, you’re probably going to be far more confident about it, right?

If you’re going to jump into the machine learning pool, you want to feel like you can swim. On the other hand, if you’ve heard that only two people are making money with machine learning projects and 200 people have “drowned” working in machine learning, you might wait just a little bit longer to jump in.

It just depends on whether or not you’re a fantastic swimmer.

No matter what frameworks and plans you have in place to take on more machine learning projects in the near future, it’s having the very best talent aboard that sets everything in motion. Don’t underestimate that one moment longer than you need to. Talk To Talman First.

At Roy Talman & Associates, we see a time when it will be unthinkable for certain companies to avoid integration of machine learning and AI. It’s rapidly approaching for some and for others, that moment is already here. By talking to us now about how to plan for your increased bandwidth, you can move into an era of machine learning projects with much greater confidence that your talent pipeline is filled with just the right skill set. And having that foundation in place can open the door for many more new business development opportunities too.