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We’ve cultivated relationships with hiring managers for over 30 years – in fact, many were our candidates at one point

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About Roy Talman

Roy Talman often has insight on what some of the most progressive, well-paying companies in Chicago and New York are looking for. Many times even before the job is even listed.


  • We See The Complete Picture of Who You Are
    We’ll ask to meet you because we want to get to know you on a deeper level- that includes your current skills, your knowledge of certain subjects, your special expertise, your work style and the environments in which you believe you thrive.
  • We Prepare You For The Interview You Deserve
    Through testing on certain subjects and measuring your scores against what our clients expect, you’ll be able to head into the interview knowing so much more. You’ve come too far to settle for anything less.
  • No Blasting Policy
    Rather than blasting your resume out to the hiring universe with random results, we’ll make a plan with you on what order to present you to various firms that we feel are a best fit. So you can feel more in control of the process.
  • Better Positioning For Your Best Opportunity
    If an opening isn’t available that’s an ideal match, we’ll discuss the kind of role with you that would be of interest and potentially prepare and present a specific case to that particular firm to create a unique role for you.