Roy Talman & Associates

Representing Top Talent To The Most Demanding Employers

Roy Talman & Associates specializes in recruiting top talent for financial trading, management consulting and technology mid-to-senior level roles. It’s a world where the most attractive job opportunities aren’t necessarily found in today’s paper or common job sites.

Fortunately, with the rapport we’ve built over thirty years with hiring managers, we often have insights on what some of the most progressive, well-paying companies in Chicago and New York are looking for. Many times even before they officially list a position.

Talman Advantages

Our connections run deep.


We’ve cultivated relationships with hiring managers for over 30 years – in fact, many were our candidates at one point. 

We see the complete picture of who you are.

We’ll ask to meet you because we want to get to know you on a deeper level – that includes your current skills, your knowledge of certain subjects, your special expertise, your work style and the environments in which you believe you thrive. 

Better positioning for your best opportunity.

If an opening isn’t available that’s an ideal match, we’ll take a more creative and purposeful approach by preparing and presenting a role that is unique to you.

Talman Tidbits

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